Cool Cat Cheetah Custom Leather Strap Iconoclast Boots


Our Cool Cat Cheetah Custom Leather Strap Iconoclast Boots will have you strutting your stuff in style! Made with super soft cheetah leather, these are just about purr-fect for any outfit. Meow-ve over, boring boots,

Why do we think leather boots are a must have? They scream classy cowgirl. All of our leather strap boots are glued and sewn for durability. While they do require some basic maintenance like all your other leather tack, they are more than worth it. Our gorgeous leather options are all embossed and either hand dyed or hand painted for a depth of design that you can only find in real leather. While we recommend not using these in muddy footing or puddles, if you do find yourself using them in these conditions hose them off, hang them to air dry, and condition them with leather conditioner.

If you would like a 4 pack or set, please add both fronts and hinds to your cart. For information on sizing, please refer to our FAQ's For more details on the Iconoclast brand, click here

For examples of the colors we can dye, check out our Dyed Iconoclast Boots listing.

Please Note: If you select dye/airbrush colors from the dropdown but select either "Color: Black or White", the dye color will be ignored and your boots will instead be the color you chose first. 

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