As much as we would love to donate to every event and rider that reaches out to us, as a small business we have to keep a close eye on our budget. We set aside a budget to donate directly to 12 benefit events and programs a year (one per month). These donations are intended to be used for silent auctions as an additional way for producers and associations to raise funds for their cause or year end awards. Due to the numerous number of requests we receive, we only consider requests sent by current customers (must have purchased in the last 6 months) who are reaching out on behalf of an event or association. Requests by associations must be submitted 60 days before the silent auction takes place. A donation receipt is required from any association. Producers putting together a benefit event must reach out 45 days or more before the event date. Donations will be mailed 2 weeks before the event if approved. Please include the event flyer along with the Donation Request Form when requesting a product donation for a silent auction. All requests must be emailed to Any requests sent via Facebook/Instagram/TikTok message or through chat WILL NOT be considered.

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