As much as we would love to donate to every event and rider that reaches out to us, as a small business we have to keep a close eye on our budget. In order to help more producers, events, and riders achieve that goal we offer a fundraising program in lieu of direct donations. We encourage all associations searching for awards, events looking to fundraise, and individual riders looking for help to reach that big event they finally qualified for to apply. There are 52 weeks in a year, and it's our goal to have fundraisers 50 weeks out of the year (excluding the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Who is eligible?

  • Any association that hosts rodeos, barrel races, ropings, mounted shooting competitions, and play days.
  • Any producers looking for awards for specific events or series that involve barrel racing, roping, or mounted shooting.
  • Any individuals who qualified for a major super show (this is a single event sponsorship and NOT a continuing sponsorship offer). PLEASE NOTE - We only offer individual fundraisers to riders who have purchased from us prior to their request.
  • Drill teams looking to fundraise for outfits
  • Rodeo Teams (High School and College) looking for products for scholarships and/or year end awards

How does it work?

  1. Email a Fundraiser Request Form to Fundraisers forms must be submitted 60 days (or earlier) before an event to provide ample time for your request to be reviewed and the fundraiser to take place.
  2. If you qualify, one of our owners will reach out with available dates.
  3. One week before the fundraiser starts you will be provided with an affiliate link to allow you to promote the fundraiser
  4. The fundraiser will run for 10 days (Friday-Sunday)
  5. The Monday after your fundraiser ends the total amount of purchases attributed to your link will be calculated. 10% of that amount will be paid out via the option of your choice.
  6. Funds can be paid out in 1 of 3 ways: a paid donation sent via Paypal Friends & Family or check (Organization/Association only, must be able to provide a donation receipt), a paid donation on behalf of an individual sent as a check to an organization (Individual only, will be used to pay entry fees/stall fees/fundraising requirements), or store credit to be used for awards (for producers and associations) or products (for individual sponsorships).

The Fundraiser Request Form can be found at ->

PLEASE NOTE - If you are a not a designated charitable organization then you are responsible for reporting the amount you received to the IRS as taxable income. If you earn over $600 we will provide you with a 1099 tax form.