2023 sponsorships applications are open! We are offering 6 month contracts that may be extended based on your performance as one of our representatives. This allows for serious competitors, social media queens, and the more casual competitor a chance to represent us in the best way they can. We consider everyone from 1D-5D. Sportsmanship and marketing ability are more important to us than always winning. We are looking for enthusiastic representatives of our brand who want to help us grow and succeed. As always, applicants must have ordered from us at least once before to qualify for sponsorship.

Sponsorships come out of our marketing budget. We expect all our representatives to understand that and act appropriately. The more sales you drive to us, the better your rewards and the more likely we are to extend your contract. As a sponsored rider you may receive free products, special product discounts, sponsorship promotional materials, a donation to one event/association of your choosing per year, and a percentage of attributed sales in the form of store credit. We do not give money or cover entry fees/upkeep costs as part of our sponsorship.

We expect the following from all sponsored riders

  • Must post about The Glamorous Cowgirl on personal social media 1x a week (we must be tagged and we will track this)
  • Must share, comment, and tag friends/family on at least 2 The Glamorous Cowgirl product/sales posts or videos a week (this can be FB, IG, or TikTok). Make sure to only tag people who will genuinely interested in the item being promoted. Tagging people on engagement posts/memes does not count towards this requirement.
  • Must exclusively use our customized Iconoclast boots and bells in all competition, training runs, and clinic work
  • Must be competing at least 2-4x a month and tag us in all runs & horse photos
  • Must maintain a minimum of $500 in attributed sales monthly. If you miss the minimum one month you will be put on probation. If you miss more than 2 months in a row, your contract will automatically be cancelled.
  • Must provide one video a month highlighting one of our products (unboxing video, product review, how to use a product, etc) that we can use on social media and in ads
  • Must provide one blog post a quarter that we can post to our website and social media (tips & tricks, training exercises, product comparisons, etc)

We do track and enforce all the requirements and expectations listed above. Our sponsorships are a partnership and not just free items. Please look through the Sponsorship section of our FAQs for answers to many common questions. If your question is not answered there, please email us at sponsorship@glamorouscowgirltack.com with the subject line "2023 Application Question".

For 2023, we will only be offering individual sponsorships. All team applications will be disregarded. This includes hauling partners, mother daughter teams, and kids teams. Each individual wishing to be sponsored must complete their own form. Competitors of any age, gender, and western riding style may enter, but you must use some of our products regularly in competition to be considered.

By submitting an application you are also signing up to be on our general email list. This allows us to contact you if needed and is part of our system for notifying all entrants of our decision. If needed you may opt out at any time, but that prevents us from being able to connect with you in the future.