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Whether you know us as The Glamorous Cowgirl, TGC, or even The Gritty Cowboy, we're glad you're here and we would love to introduce ourselves further.

The Glamorous Cowgirl LLC was founded by Anastasia and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Brad in March of 2018 out of their apartment in Wharton, NJ. Initially selling Glitter Décor Straps for at-home application on sport boots, they quickly realized that they couldn't offer the quality their customers deserved unless they did the work themselves. They decided to team up with Iconoclast after Anastasia's horse Granite went from lame-to-fame in just 3 weeks of wearing their Orthopedic Support Boots.

We have built a fantastic team of artisans who do all the Sport Boot customizations, including local seamstresses and airbrush artists, but we still do all of the dyeing by hand!

Meeting With The Owners of Iconoclast

Anastasia and Brad meeting with Gene and Ward Heid of Iconoclast at their home outside Dallas, TX

The owners of Western Legacy Sales and the inventors of Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots

Outfitting You and Your Horse from Hat to Hood

In addition to Iconoclasts, we have carefully curated a complimentary selection of items from other small and fashion forward businesses and strive to bring in USA-made products whenever possible. Just like with Gene and Ward of Iconoclast, we cultivate a personal relationship with all of our vendors. We have their backs, and they have ours too, which means our customers never have to worry about things like fighting through warranty claims.

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The TGC Family is always growing and changing. From bringing in new products, to developing new customization techniques, to connecting with new and exciting small businesses, there is always something new on our website. Click through our navigation bar, and if you ever have any questions, you can message us on our facebook or shoot us a email at!

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