Here at TGC we LOVE collaborations! We participate in influencer, photographer, brand, and business collaborations. See our various collaboration options below. To request a collaboration please email us at Please include the type of collaboration request and date (if known) in the subject line. 

Influencer/Individual Collaborations

We welcome working with all different influencers as long as they are active in western fashion and/or rodeo. We invite influencers with all different follower sizes to join us at our warehouse in Apache Junction, AZ to design a collection and model in a photoshoot. Our warehouse is located on a ranch we have specifically landscaped for photos or we can go to one of the many amazing nearby locations if you have a specific concept in mind. All influencers will receive social media rights to use the resulting photos and get to keep their favorite piece they modeled. Please note that we do not provide products for giveaways as a collaboration.

Photographer Collaborations

Working with photographers on styled shoots is one of our owner, Anastasia's, favorite thing. There is no idea too crazy or out there for us. We love fun, unique shot ideas. We offer style boxes of 4-6 outfits for photographers to use in their shoots on a TFP basis. Tack and sport boots can also be included if desired. Cowboy hats and cowboy boots are only available for local collaborations. If you are not local to Apache Junction, AZ boxes will be mailed 7-10 days before the shoot.

Business Collaborations

We love pairing up with other American small businesses to cross promote our products. We hold bi-weekly and monthly photoshoots that we would love to include your complimentary products in. We are also open to other business collaborations outside of photoshoots. If you'd like to partner up, please reach out! If your products are complimentary to ours and would be of interest to our customers we'd love to share your products with them. Please note that we do not provide products for giveaways as a collaboration.

Brand Collaborations

Want to collaborate on products or create a collection that mixes our products with yours? Email us! We are open to collaborating with any western brand.