Land Of The Free American Flag Custom Iconoclast Boots


Show your love and pride for your country with these fabulous American flag boots!

Why do we love faux leather straps? It's easy! They are simple to maintain and look good. They are glued and sewn for durability. These can handle whatever conditions you throw at them. Mud? No problem, just hose them off. Deep red sand? Again just hose them off ;) (be warned it may stain any white areas). Puddles of water? Wipe them off, hang them to dry, and move on with your day. Faux leather is our preference for gorgeous, durable boots that last. Craving some extra sparkle? Choose to alternate with your favorite color glitter leather so that your boots will shine under sunlight and arena lights.

If you would like a full set or 4-pack, please add both fronts and hinds to your cart.

For more information, and for information on sizing, please refer to our FAQ's. For more details on the Iconoclast brand, click here. Dyeing, airbrushing, and/or applying glitter straps voids the manufacturers warranty for Iconoclast Boots. 

Adding matching bells will add a separate line item to your cart for the upgrade price. If you remove this item, we will not give you the upgrade. The bell boots will not be dyed - they will be either white or black, whichever you choose.

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