TGC Brands offers a trade-in program for Thunderbird Brand Button Downs in new and very good used condition. Trade ins are paid via store credit that is valid for one year from the date of issue. All shirts are paid at a flat rate. All shirts sent in MUST have a form completed for them to be accepted. Any shirts sent without the form will be rejected. 1 form per shirt.

 Brand Description Payout
Thunderbird Brand Subscription Shirt $60
Thunderbird Brand Discount Shirt $60
Thunderbird Brand Standard Button Down $100

Button Down Trade In Form -> CLICK HERE

Please make sure you keep a receipt of your tracking number. TGC Brands is not liable for any shirts lost or damaged in transit to us. You will receive confirmation that your shirt has been received and either accepted or rejected via email. If your tracking number shows as delivered over 5 business days prior and you have not received an email, please message us using the chat function in the lower right hand corner.

Shirts must be free of major stains, smells, snags, or any other issues. If a shirt is sent in with any stains or smells, a $10 cleaning fee will be deducted from the amount credited. If a shirt is found to have any damages that make it unsellable, an invoice will be sent to the owner for the cost of a return label ($8 for the first shirt, $2 for each additional shirt). Once the invoice is paid, the shirt(s) will be sent back. If the invoice isn't paid within 14 days, the shirts will be considered voluntarily abandoned and will be donated or similarly disposed. No payment will be provided for them.