Let's Face It: Shopping is Hard

Especially when shopping for men. That's why we've put together this Gift Guide to help you win at Christmas no matter your budget or occasion.

AKA when you really have no idea what they like

For the Every Man

When buying for a man, there's three letters that make purchasing a breeze: S-U-S, as in, "I'm beginning to think this Gift Guide is a little SUS".

Stay with me a bit longer. SUS stands for "Socks, Underwear, and Sunglasses." Men can never have too many of these three basic necessities, and there's plenty of flexibility to shape the gift to the occasion!

At under $30, these gifts make great stocking stuffers or complements to a larger main gift.

Gift Under $50

Okay, so now you're convinced - SUS is the way to go. But after you've bought them a pair of socks, some boxers, and sunglasses, you may need to branch out (note: may).

That's where this collection comes in, with selected gifts under $50 to help round out any gift set!

Gifts Under $150

Whether it's a boyfriend, husband, or invited to your bosses house for Christmas Dinner, there's plenty of situations that require a gift under $150. We're not saying you couldn't spend more, but, maybe just buy two things instead?

AKA How to win at gift giving

The Creme-de-la-Creme

These gifts are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the piece de resistance. This is the gift you buy when you want them to think of you every time they use your gift, which will essentially be daily because they'll love it so much.

These gifts are on the higher end price wise, but the quality and craftsmanship of the items easily justifies the expense. These are gifts they will likely have never seen before, and they will be begging you where they got it from so they can buy more.

Pirarucu Leather Cowboy Boots

Pirarucu is a species of fish found in the Amazon River, and has recently grown in popularity for Cowboy Boots. It's not surprising though: these boots have a soft supple feel with a large amount of stretch, resulting in an insanely comfortable boot that you'll find yourself wearing day in and day out.

Bull & Briar Rattlesnake Belt

Belts from Bull & Briar are about as authentic as you can get. The owner, Bryan, hunts, skin, tans, and sews every single belt by hand, so new two belts are the same. 

This belt features a Diamondback Rattlesnake body with an Alligator Leather tip, and includes a removable solid brass buckle. We also brought in a Rattlesnake body with a Black Bridle Leather tip.

The Hickory Jacket by Madison Creek Outfitters

Every cowboy needs a leather jacket. But not all leather jackets are created equally. That's why only one jacket made the cut to be included in the Gritty Cowboy lineup: The Hickory by MCO.

This brown leather jacket is made of 100% Nappa Goat Leather with an hombre plaid lining.

Still Can't Decide?

Head on over to our Men's Gifts collection and browse for inspiration!