Orange & Peach Scented Leather Balm


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Our Orange & Peach Scented Leather Balm was inspired by the horse everyone loves to hate, the chestnut mare. When we think chestnut mare we think of a horse that's a bold, unexpected, and sweet to those they like. That led us to a blend a bold, refreshing orange fragrance with our favorite sweet and sparkling peach bellini fragrance for a fresh, bright citrus scent that will make the chore of cleaning your tack less boring.

To put it simply, our leather balm is the best. It works amazingly well and smells oh so good! Our owner (an analytical chemist by trade) formulated it to keep your leather soft and supple without changing the color or leaving a sticky, oily finish. With a blend of 3 different oils it keeps your tack moisturized for longer while the beeswax adds a water resistant finish. Our balm is a soft solid that stays creamy for easy application. Scoop some up with a clean paper towel or rag and rub it into your leather for a finishing touch to your cleaning process.

PLEASE NOTE - Do not use if you have a nut allergy as there is almond oil in our formula. Storing our leather balm in a hot trailer/tackroom or in the direct sun may cause it to liquify. It will re-solidify in cooler temperatures.