Mantra Candle


What's a Mantra Candle? They are candles specially designed to help you manifest and focus. Each candle has been specifically designed with scents, crystals, and herbs that have been shown to help direct the brain towards your desired outcome.

✨ Betty Barrel Racer - Because the only thing crazier than a barrel racer is her horse. Burn to clear the mind and manifest a clean run before an event. This is a yummy, lightly sweet, tropical scent. 

✨ Queen of the 5D - If you can't blind them with speed, blind them with glitter. Burn to give yourself as much confidence and energy as the sparkles you are wearing. This is a clean, modern floral scent (no overwhelming old lady scents, promise!).

✨ Boss Mare - Hell hath no fury like a chestnut mare. Burn to channel your inner badass and conquer your fears. This is a spicy citrus scent that makes you think of oranges.

✨ 1D Unicorn - You managed to find the rarest of rare! Now to keep up your motivation one entry fee, thrown shoe, and vet visit at a time. Burn to give you a mood boost and alleviate fatigue. The sweetest of all our scents. Cranberry and vanilla give a cotton candy-esque scent.

✨ Entry Fees - You'll likely have more luck in a Vegas casino than qualifying for the NFR, but that doesn't stop you from setting money on fire and loving the process. Burn to help you get in a winner's mindset. This is an earthy, citrus scent you can't get enough of.

✨ Salty Heifer - Hey Cowboy! Why don't you run your horse instead of your mouth. Burn to dispel fear and balance energy. This is a fabulous clean scent with an undertone of earthiness.

✨ Ranch Hand - The very best cowboys aren't cowboys at all. Burn to improve your focus. Your favorite leather scent.

  • Hand poured with rhinestones, glitter, and herbs
  • TGC exclusive
  • 18oz, 3 wick Soy Candles
  • Burns for approximately 60-80 hours
  • Made in the USA