Glitter Strap Upgrade


While we do love over the top here at The Glamorous Cowgirl, sometimes simple really is best. These glitter boots are what started it all when our co-owner went on a quest for the perfect purple glitter boots. After having no success for 3 years, she figured out how to make her own and brought the option to y'all as well. Add some sparkle to your black or white boots with our signature Glitter Decor Straps. Available in a rainbow of colors and so eye catching you have to see them to believe us, these glitter boots are the perfect complement to any tack set.

This listing requires a separate boot purchase. Please do not add this product to the cart without also purchasing boots.  If you are looking for Iconoclast Boots with Glitter Straps, please see the separate listing. We also have listings for Dyed Boots, or boots with Quote Straps.