Dress To Impress Alligator Overlay Boots by Corral


Caiman sure is great, but nothing beats a true American Alligator
  • Fit - True To Size
  • Toe - Square
  • Width - D
  • Model is a size 10.5 wearing a 10.5
  • Brand - Corral
  • Materials - Leather upper and lower, American Alligator overlay on foot
  • Made in Mexico

Established in 1999, Corral has been using age old craftsmanship techniques to create handmade boots of incomparable quality and iconic style. In every step of the boot making process, we rely on human hands, machines, and the highest caliber artisan techniques to construct a product that sets the standard for grace and elegance. We pride ourselves on being innovators and pioneers within our craft, creating new ways and techniques that make our boots stand out among the crowd.