Black Iconoclast Fronts w/ Pendleton Wool & Turquoise Glitter Straps - Medium


At The Glamorous Cowgirl, we specialize in custom Iconoclast Support Boots and Bells, as well as complementary tack and clothing. Want to change the color, pattern, or style of the boots, or looking for a different size? Check out our made-to-order Sport Boots collection to have a boot made special for you!

  • Brand - Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots
  • Style - Front Sport Boots
  • Size - Medium
  • Boot Color - Black
  • Straps - Pendleton Wool, Turquoise Glitter Leather

PLEASE NOTE - Real Pendleton Wool is sewn onto these straps. There may be fraying around the edges after use. We recommend not using these in any wet or muddy footing to preserve the wool.