5th Annual Christmas In July Tent Sale

It's almost the greatest time of the year again – our annual "Christmas in July Tent Sale". Oh yeah, you heard it right! It's like early 2000s Black Friday, but with even crazier discounts! We've been searching through our warehouse like a bunch of bargain-hungry treasure hunters deciding which of our lovely mens and womens items are ready to be rehomed. We've rounded everything up under our virtual tent and we're slashing prices like a ninja slicing watermelons, with jaw-dropping discounts of up to 80% off! 

But wait, there's more!

This year, we're taking the craziness up a notch with our "Bundle Bonanza!" Bigger discounts for the bundles means you can buy gifts for your entire extended family, your neighbors, your hauling partners, your trainer from 4 years ago, your hay guy, your pet spider that won't stop making those pesky cobwebs in the barn – and still have some left over to treat yourself like the shopping royalty you truly are!

Button Down Sale Graphic Denim Sale Graphic Cowboy Boot Sale Graphic

You've only got from July 21-28th to save and things sell out fast! So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and tell your friends, because you won't see these kinds of deal again until the next comet passes by in 2024. Trust me, by then, you'll be begging us for a time machine to get these discounts back!
Jumpstart your Christmas shopping now, so you'll be chillin' like a snowman in summer when December rolls around and everyone else is panicking while your on easy street hanging at the barn with your Christmas list all crossed off.

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