Field of Flowers Custom Glitter Rose Iconoclast Boots


Roses are commonly considered a sign of love. Show your horse how much you love them with roses that don't die!

Our custom glitter pattern designed boots are what started TGC. We love them as much now as we did back then. While we've learned and improved techniques over the years, we know you'll be wowed by the fun, sparkly designs. All our designs are adhered using a heat and pressure sensitive adhesive. To protect them from arena footings and the elements, they are covered with a sewn on, all weather marine vinyl. 

For information on sizing, please refer to our FAQ's. For more details on the Iconoclast brand, click here.

Please Note: 

  • The glitter color is the background color behind the roses. The first picture is turquoise glitter with red flowers. If you are unsure of what colors to choose to recreate any of the photos, please message us!
  • If you select a Dye or Airbrush color from the dropdowns but do not select "Boot Color: Dyed/Airbrushed", the color will be ignored and your boots will be the color you selected.

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