Custom Glitter Boots


While we do love over the top here at The Glamorous Cowgirl, sometimes simple really is best. These glitter boots are what started it all when our co-owner went on a quest for the perfect purple glitter boots. After having no success for 3 years, she figured out how to make her own and brought the option to y'all as well. Add some sparkle to your black or white boots with our signature glitter straps. Available in a rainbow of colors and so eye catching you have to see them to believe us, these glitter boots are the perfect complement to any tack set.

Standard Iconoclast Boots come in Black and White, and for a $10 up-charge, can be dyed a variety of colors. For more examples of the colors we can dye, check out our Dyed Iconoclast Boots listing. 

    If you would like a 4 pack or set, please add both fronts and hinds to your cart. For information on sizing, please refer to our FAQ's For more details on the Iconoclast brand, click here.

    Please Note: If you select a dye/airbrush color from the dropdown but select either "Color: Black or White", the dye/airbrush color will be ignored and your boots will instead be the color you chose first. 

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